Smart Finance For Single Mothers

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Finances are a major concern for you right now. I get it. Many women going through separation or divorce face the same problem.

I want to help you learn to cut expenses and live frugal, earn more, and manage what you have better… and I want to see you come through this difficult time stronger and more financially secure than ever before. You can do this!

Save Money

We have a multitude of ideas to help you save money. Everything from the cost of food to cheap entertainment. Save money now.

Make Money

Whether you need to work from home, find a new job, or earn just a bit extra. We’ve got ideas. Earn more now.

Manage Money

Do you have too much debt? No savings? Or savings you want to grow? It’s time to get it under control.Manage money now.

Latest Articles in Personal Finance

Avoid thousands of dollars in interest charges on your credit card by transferring the balance to a card offering a promotional low interest rate.

Save hundreds of dollars when you take advantage of special balance transfer offers to move your high-interest credit card debt to another card with low interest.

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I've you've been considering Costco membership, but aren't sure it's worth the cost of membership, read on. Sometimes all it takes is one good thing to prove membership is worth it.

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Loyalty card. How many do you have in your wallet? At last count I had... too many. Why does every store think they need one? Do they use the data or are they just following a trend?

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Doing it yourself doesn't always save as much as you think. When does it pay off to pay someone else?

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Learn this strategy and you can stop dreading the purchase of a car.

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There is nothing more enjoyable than spending Saturday morning at garage sales. Haggling for a better deal just makes it more fun.

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While we can't eliminate the expense of clothing entirely, but taking better care of what we have can reduce it.

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Spending Saturday morning at garage sales was already a fun routine, then I decided to take it a step further.

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Get together with friends, make it fun, and end up with a new wardrobe to boot. What could be better?

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Whether shopping new or used, there are always deals to be found which can help you trim the clothing budget.