Personal Development

Personal Development

Welcome, single mom.

While it’s true that divorce is an ending, it is also a beginning. And since I like to focus on the positive, a new beginning is how I prefer to look at it. There is no better time than now to make changes which will improve you and your future.

For you I want the same as what I want for myself. I want great things… health, happiness, peace, success beyond my wildest dreams… all this and so much more. We can do this!

Be Healthy

Everything is easier when you have good health…

Be Strong

Staying motivated and mentally strong is more than half the battle of getting through any challenge in life.

Be Productive

I’m crazy about 80/20, efficiency, getting more done in less time, etc. Know any single mom that needs that? 🙂

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You never know how strong you are until strong is the only choice you have.

Difficult times don't last. Strength to get through the day and look for a better tomorrow.

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When I divorced, the part of me that tries my best to stay upbeat and positive was honestly excited at the possibility of what my life could become, especially with regards to a career. Yet many months later, I still felt stuck going nowhere. I was completely without focus. I had a lot of exciting […] Read More

Single moms sometimes face a different type of Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day as a single parent... sad for some. Let's choose to be happy and make the most of it instead. :-)

Success After Divorce: The Incredible Power of 100% Responsibility

Single mom, you can do this! Take responsibility, make decisions and build your own fabulous future. It's yours when you know the secret.

From married stay-at-home mom to divorced working mom. I still needed a way to keep the kids fed and happy.

When doing it all isn't an option, do what matters most instead. Learn to focus your time and energy where it is makes the most difference.